Safety Information


  • Before operating any E-Z-GO® vehicle, read all warning labels and the owner’s manual. Visit for a replacement manual.

  • Except where permitted by law, NEVER drive on public roads.

  • Operators should have a valid driver’s license.

  • Do not operate any E-Z-GO® vehicle unless all occupants are properly seated and holding on.

  • Driver and passengers must keep entire body inside vehicle while moving.

  • Operate vehicles only from the driver’s seat.

  • Always drive slowly in congested areas, on wet or loose terrain, and when backing up.

  • Drive slowly when turning and avoid sudden stops.

  • Always drive straight up and down slopes.

  • Use brake when going down a slope.

  • Always fully engage parking brake and remove the key BEFORE leaving the vehicle. In an electric vehicle, set the direction selector to “neutral.” In a gasoline-powered vehicle, set the selector to “forward.”

  • ALWAYS bring vehicle to a complete stop BEFORE shifting the direction selector.

  • To safely start an E-Z-GO® vehicle, turn the key to “on” – select “forward” or “reverse” – release the parking brake – then SLOWLY depress the accelerator pedal.

  • NEVER drive any E-Z-GO® vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • NEVER leave children unattended or allow children to play on the vehicle.

  • NEVER leave the key in the vehicle when parked.

  • NEVER carry more than two (2) occupants on each bench seat.

  • Do not exceed weight capacity stated in the E-Z-GO® vehicle’s owner’s manual.

  • NEVER alter an E-Z-GO® vehicle to increase travel speeds above factory specifications.

  • ONLY authorized E-Z-GO® dealers should alter the vehicle using approved parts. Alterations not approved or tested by E-Z-GO can create unsafe conditions and increase your chance of having an accident.

  • E-Z-GO® vehicles require regularly scheduled maintenance. See owner’s manual for maintenance details. ONLY qualified professionals should service a vehicle.

  • Certain laws or rules may require additional equipment before an E-Z-GO® vehicle can be operated in your community.

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